“…thanks to the angelic voice of Stefanie Renée, the music always comprises a good dose of fantasy against a backdrop of gorgeous melodies.”

“…this is music for lovers of incense and stories of One Thousand and One Nights, for sunbathers at Stonehenge and young girls in a fairy ring.”

“The most striking feature is, again, the voice of the singer, which gives the material a dark and archaic tone, as on a soundtrack for an episode of Game of Thrones.”

Music & Movie Magazine, Belgium

“…the luminous heavenly gates will slowly closing in this iridescent closing the album within a style of Heavenly Voices . “Catharsis Of Rhetorik” from the city of Seattle three eclectic talents giving life to a glorious EP inspired by the most passionate and dark roots in music.”

Lux Atenea
Music Webzine, Spain

“The opening track ‘Gaze’ merges a curious, almost English folk vibe (mostly in the high-register singing of Stefanie Reneé, who is an established classical singer) with phased synths and simple drum patterns – an effective mix indeed.”

“A unique and enjoyable listen.”

Online Music Magazine, UK

“The sound of Accolade: refractions of a trio with icy unexpected thrills, solid, on the road of the indefinite, contours veiled, accents faded to a twilight cloudy suspension humoral between ominous clouds of ocean and dying rays, purple tint that refract mood, between branches and stones.”

Sounds Behind the Corner
Music Webzine, Italy

“5 Tracks and 5 Stars”

The Nice Rooms
Music, Film and Cult TV, UK

LEGENDS (2013) Reviews:

“‘Elf King’ takes you straight back to the UK in 1972, the folk music movement in full flight, the sweet vocals again lifting the song ever higher.”

“‘The Journey’ is an expansive piece that starts in a mellow mood before slowly building in volume and tempo, a rocking electric guitar adding bite and passion to the track, the band alternating the quiet and loud passages perfectly to create a mighty slice of folk-rock that leaves you wanting more.”

“…vocalist Stefanie Renee sounds uncannily like Annie Haslam at times.”
Online Music Magazine, UK

“Unbridled, piercing magic, communication with history and nature, with fantastic legends from the Middle Ages, characterize the album…”

“Loreena McKennitt fans will find pleasure in comparing her style [of “The Lady of Shalott”] with the version of Accolade.”
Dark Culture Magazine, Poland

“Accolade indeed composes an intimate mix of medieval/troubadour inspired music, neo-classic passages and rather gothic-minded elements. The beautiful and angelic timbre of voice of Stefanie Renée is absolutely brilliant. She feels like a sacred force elevating the global production towards an ultimate climax.”
Music Magazine, Belgium

“The closing “The Lady of Shalott” is suitably epic, setting the Tennyson poem to a good tune with a medieval feel to it. Reneé’s vocals are very beautiful here. It’s a lovely album all told.”
Ectophiles’ Guide to Good Music
Online Music Guide, Seattle, WA, USA

“The music from Accolade is of course dominated by the brilliant ethereal vocals from Stefanie, a voice that you normally only should hear in an opera.”
Music & Movie magazine, Belgium

“Best, on the captivating 21-minute recitation of 1809-92 English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s 1833 ballad ‘The Lady of Shalott’, her [Stefanie Reneé] bewitching, soaring siren voice heightens the unfolding tragedy…. Legends is vibrant and transporting.”
The Big Takeover
Music Magazine (issue #74, print) New York, NY, USA

“The easiest comparison here [Legends] is to Renaissance. Surely the combination of classical and folk inspired progressive rock with the vocals of Stefanie Reneé beg those comparisons. There are sections of this that could easily pass for that band…. The soaring vocals are pretty stunning.”

“At almost twelve minutes in length, this piece [‘The Journey’] is epic in both size and scope. It works through several changes alternating between the more folk-oriented sections and the more rocking ones. It’s quite a great piece of music, really one of the highlights here.”
Music Street Journal
Online Music Review, USA

“[Legends] includes aspects of prog-neofolk and summons ancient scents of ambrosia- the lyric voice of Stefanie Reneé brings us as if by magic to visions of tapestries, myths of ladies, and purple velvet curtains.”

“The final symphony is dedicated to ‘The Lady Of Shalott’, as the British legend becomes full on the opposite bank of two oceans. It’s a wonder in four movements with baroque flourishes and weaves a lightweight fairy-tale built on the heavenly voice and the rhythm of the guitar picking… A nice jump back in time between wonder and coloratura.”
Sounds Behind the Corner
Music Webzine, Italy

“‘The Journey’ closes the first part of the album [Legends]: the beginning and evocative sound gives way to a long break guitar / drums punctuated by the heavenly voice of Stefanie.”
Rosa Selvaggia
Webzine, Italy

“An extraordinary musical work [Legends] dedicated especially to the legendary musician and artist Michael Dunford (of the group, Renaissance)…”

“Then, closing the A side of the album [Legends], the special theme, ‘The Journey’ will offer us something that will be appreciated by all music lovers and especially lovers of ethereal music with medieval Anglo-Saxon sound textures, and then, after a musical one-eighty is transformed into a virtuous mixture of progressive and gothic rock with an admirable instrumental structure- the definition of beautiful melodic and emotive interpretation.”
Lux Atenea
Webzine, Spain

“The second side of the LP [Legends] is completely filled by the multi-part long track ‘The Lady of Shalott’, which should really be in every folk-prog collection.”
Prog-Reviews, Germany

FESTIVALIA (2012) Reviews:

“Accolade from San Francisco charm on their debut album Festivalia with a fantastic instrumentation and a beguiling fairy voice.”
Music Magazine, Germany

“ACCOLADE, … sure can be proud of the publication of their first full-length album Festivalia – which combines mind-blowing melodies with Stefanie’s ethereal singing. Going on a journey with ACCOLADE you will always see new places and listen to new melodies, which with repeated listening to their individual songs will turn into a true source of inspiration.”
Music Magazine, Germany

“The whole album [Festivalia] was a trip to a colorful, sparkly, glittering glamorous carnival, each song its own little sideshow attraction within the carnival… This album swept me off to a mystical entrancing ancient time of traveling bands of circus performers, performing for kings and queens and their royal subjects.”
Photography, Fashion, Music, Arts & Film Magazine, USA

“Accolade’s debut [Festivalia] is ethereal dark wave with some stunning lead vocals by Stefanie Renée and a slew of intriguing songs.”
Online Music Guide

“The thirteen tracks of this album [Festivalia] deserve the repeated listening it will take to fully appreciate them. Alongside varied arrangements, Stefanie’s crystalline vocals soar on the album delivering the lyrical passages.”
Russ Eliot’s famed music blog featuring progressive female artists

“Accolade’s music possesses a haunting, classically trained sound similar to Kristen Lawrence’s Halloween Carols. The first track, [of Festivalia] ‘Carnival,’ is a vampire song, and other tracks, including ‘Scaulding Cauldron’ and ‘Sideshow,’ will put you in the mood for a Halloween-inspired gathering or a chilling late-night read.”
Vampire Blog

“In its best moments…  this album [Festivalia] has the potential as a future classic.”
Independent Music Magazine, Germany

“The two musicians [of ACCOLADE] have mastered their instruments very well, no doubt about it.”
Music E-Zine, Germany