ACCOLADE from Seattle combines soaring classical female vocals, described as “a force to be reckoned with”, along with tribal industrial rhythms and driving bass. This unique combination delivers a dark and delicious experience.

The band has experimented with several genres, each album going into a slightly different direction. Their debut album Festivalia integrates ethereal soprano vocals with carnival and circus inspired themes. They followed up with a progressive rock vinyl LP Legends, inspired by themes of the divine feminine and Arthurian mythology. In 2014 they collaborated with composer Sean Henry to produce their first experimental electronic EP Catharsis of Rhetorik. The band is currently moving in the tribal/industrial direction with plans for a new album release in 2017 in collaboration with their new band member, Mike Hines.

ACCOLADE draws from such broad influences as 60’s & 70s progressive rock, 80’s New Wave and 4AD bands, 90s industrial and alternative, and also classical medieval music, but has achieved their own dark and unique sound. The soul of the project lies in bringing together the spiritual aspects of the divine feminine and masculine, integrating the raw forces of nature with the balance of the human will.

Stefanie Reneé – vocals, percussion
Aaron Goldstein – bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion
Mike Hines – keyboard, percussion

Sean Henry – keyboard
Cade Burkhammer – drums